Newsletter 1 February 2017


We are pleased to present the first edition of our newsletter. The content of this newsletter is meant to inform you, our CUPE Local 2011 members, so please let us know what you wish to see in future editions.  If there is information you would like to request we include next time please contact us at 250-727-2215 or by e-mail at Please also visit our website to sign up on the list serve to receive regular updates on current news and scheduled meetings.

President’s Update from Michael Roth

Hi and thank you. Thank you? I hear you say. Yes, thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you and for allowing me to serve as your President. Serve who? serve all of you I say, I know this because since I took office I have only met folks who say they voted for me 🙂 Honestly, I am really finding the work challenging and rewarding and can tell you the Union’s Executive has been working extremely hard and have been a tremendous help to me. I am learning everyday and applying my knowledge to further the Union in its goal to ensure the membership is represented when meeting with the employer.

Over the next several weeks I will be making time to stop by many sections and departments. I will try to do this during your breaks and before shifts start or as they end. I am looking forward to meeting with you and answering your questions.

Grievance Update

Over the past year working with CUPE National (yes I am trying to get value for the dues we pay to National to work with us) I have resolved more than fifty grievances which were on file when I took office. Your Union Executive and Shop Stewards have also represented many of your coworkers at Step 1 and Step 2 grievance meetings over the past year and have been successful in resolving more than a dozen new cases. Our work is not done as there are a number of outstanding grievances which have been on the books for a few years and are complex and protracted issues, baby steps Mike baby steps…………….

Bargaining and Job Evaluation

Notice to commence bargaining was served in January 2016 and your Bargaining Committee met with the employer in March of 2016. However, it was agreed we will not commence bargaining discussions until the Job Evaluation (JE) Process has concluded.

When our last Collective Agreement (CA) was signed off in 2012 it included Letter of Understanding #11.The Parties (Union and Employer) formed a Committee and started the work of reviewing the way in which the JE program worked. The Parties reached an impasse and in December of 2014 revised the way in which the JE review was being completed. A new Committee was formed and the Committee worked through to the winter of 2016 completing a review of all job descriptions. The Parties now have the results of the Committee’s work and are meeting so we can finally conclude the review and report back to the membership what, if any, changes there will be to the pay grade structure and associated hourly rates for each position.

I am optimistic the JE Process will be concluded early in 2017; in the meantime the terms of last CA are in effect including all the Articles of the CA. Your bargaining committee has been working diligently to ensure when we do sit down to bargain we are ready to work hard and represent our membership. We know retro pay is high on the list of priorities for our members and expect the employer to honor the time delay caused by the JE review.

What can you do?

Our Union will always need more help to respond to all the requests you our members have. Your Executive does all their Union work in addition to their regular duties. We face an employer with several full-time Human Resources staff dedicated to the work of employer. It is important you our members make a decision to support your Union. You can do this by simply attending General Members Meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, September and November with our Annual General Meeting taking place in October. You can also consider stepping up to be a Shop Steward or run for an Executive position in October (nominations for Executive positons are made at the September General Members Meeting).

We offer many opportunities to participate and will provide training and support for you to learn and better understand how important our work is. If you wish to find out what it takes to become a Shop Steward please contact the Union office. Did you also know many employers consider Union work an asset when hiring as it demonstrates you have understanding or both the employer and Union issues?

In Closing

The easiest thing to do is nothing but the most rewarding thing is to do something. Start doing something today by logging onto the CUPE Local 2011 website ( ) and register your home email or create a new email address (i.e. Gmail or yahoo) so you can get on our mailing list. I’m pretty sure you will want to be kept informed of our bargaining progress and when and where our meetings are being held.


Thank you

Michael Roth

President, CUPE Local 2011